Who else misses Tumblr before it was this?

i have seen death

The end is near

Things are getting out of hand and confusing folks between the difference of actual social issues AND YOUR STUPID BULLSHIT.


I know ya’ll are trying to get on some more cutesy bullshit that sensitively harkens back to some pop culture shit that you like but I’m just here to say:

I haven’t had a cigarette in 4 days and EVERYTHING IS ANNOYING TO ME. Don’t ever start smoking, this shit is terrible. Shout outs to my girlfriend/bandmates/other people I love for letting me be terrible to them while I try to defeat this dumb, dumb thing. Hemingway and Tom Waits made this shit sound so much cooler than it actually is. 





lol. Wow.

never not reblogging

Classic Boondocks

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Tumblr makes me hate people my age.

Remember when people did things instead of just showing off to their friends how informed and progressive they are? If you reblog this, you’re part of the problem.



God bless America,
Every single one of these sounds like they’re were made by a stoned teenager.

american food is seriously the best

Fuck a trigger-warning. #SWAG

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For the last year, I’ve been planning an album. 

It was going to be called First Year. It was going to be a summary of my first year at university. My best album ever. One I actually made to be the very best it could possibly be. It was going to be nine songs. They were gonna have beautiful percussion and banjo and viola and ukulele and guitar tracks. Lots of bluegrassy-harmonies. I was going to have ten different musician friends of mine listen and give me feedback. I had a list of volunteers. I was ready to make my Masterpiece. 

For about a year I have had all of the songs written. Some of them recorded. Ready to be made into Perfect Art. 

Look, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to do something voluntarily that was piled high with that many expectations, but I just wans’t up to my (imagined) Herculean task. So I sat and stared at it. And waited. 

Life happened. I worked and played and learned. I stared at it some more. It went from a memo on my desk to a memo in my drawer to a pile of stuff in a box in the corner. One that’s been sitting there so long you stop even seeing it. 

I write songs that I feel. And as I kept glancing into the corner where all of this Potential was sitting, I grew up. I am not the same person I was a year ago. I am not the person who wrote these songs. I am not the person who looked at this ALMOST finished album and went— yeah, that’s me. Right there. 

That album doesn’t look like me anymore. I don’t want to finish it anymore. I didn’t know what to do with the songs though. Some of them were really nice. 

So fast forward to tonight about midnight.  I was sitting at my laptop and thinking about this when I realized that half of them are love songs. (Some of them are pretty sad love songs, be warned!)

So here is my surprise, romantic, love-themed EP for Valentine’s Day. It’s five songs long, but one of them is just a live version of the other. I didn’t do anything but put up what I had. It should almost be called a demo. 

I’m writing more songs, always writing more songs, but I’ll just let them become what they become this time.  

I hope you like the music. 


I forgot to say, they’re all pretty gay. 

That song “First Year.” Damn.

New Dollar Signs Album, “The Death of the Party” is out. Click the picture to go listen to it. I’m mighty proud of it.

New Dollar Signs Album, “The Death of the Party” is out. Click the picture to go listen to it. I’m mighty proud of it.

Our album is coming out on Friday! Marketing campaign!

"if you hear a record by Bob Dylan or Neil Young or whatever

You must start thinkin’ “People like me, but i won’t be that good ever”

And I’m sure the thing is probably Dylan himself too stayed up some nights

Wishing he was as good as Ginsberg or Camus

And he was like “Dude, I’m such a faker, I’m just a clown who entertains

and these fools who pay for my crap, they just have pathetic punny brains

and Camus probably wished he was Milton too or whatever, you know what i’m sayin’?!”

Jeffrey Lewis.


The Sunland Singers with Folk Y’all - Natural Movement

Eric Funn? More like havin’ funn.

Why be yourself when you can be someone you saw on Tumblr?

We just finished recording our album. 8 months of hard work all came down to these two days. I feel very very excited and a little nervous.

I’m tired. Blog posts are stupid.

We are playing tomorrow in Columbia south carolina with people from Less than Jake, Catch 22, and The Arrogant Sons of Bitches

Sunday, with Radiator Hospital and the Mineral Girls.

January 16th in Durham.

We are playing with Curtis Eller on January 24th at the Evening Muse. Come to that show above all.